Shingle Roof Replacement

Are you planning on having your roof replaced?


Have you decided on what materials are you going to use this time? Shingle roof replacement is one of the most popular choices among homeowners and the construction industry for its economical production and easy installation for roof replacement. However, only the experts can install them with ease while still getting it done right.


Why are Shingles becoming the number 1 choice in materials for roof replacements?


Shingles for roof replacement are now preferred when replacing roofs due to some benefits. Aside from the fact that these are easy to install as mentioned, the average life span is somewhere between fifteen (15) years to fifty 50 years as weather and other factors permit. If you want to be economical with your project, this is the best choice for you, too. Another reason why these are preferred by homeowners and home builders is you have a variety of option with shingles when it comes to type, color, size, texture, as well as your manufacturer’s warranty. You have literally the best option perfect to your budget and home needs.

How can the experts help you with your shingle roof replacement needs?

If you are having difficulties searching for the right shingle roof replacement for your home, only the professional roof repairs and replacement providers can help you. Once you found your provider and inspection is done at your home, you will then have the option to choose between the 3-tab shingles or architectural shingles to be installed on your roof.

Architectural shingles
comes with special design cut-outs or you may simply choose the ones without cut-outs wherein the lower portions comes with lamination using asphalt layer. This type of shingles is sometimes called Dimensional shingles due to its unique contouring that gives its dimensional appearance. These have high waterproof capability because of the layering of sealant bonds from asphalt.

3-tab shingles give the illusion of 3 pieces are separately installed, whereas the unique tabs or cutout is what gives its 3-tab look. This has been the common and remains to be the most popular choice for shingle roof replacements in residential areas.


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