When your roof’s damage is beyond repair, your next step is to have a New Roof installed as soon as possible to protect your entire home. One of the economical options you can look into is Flat Roof Installation.


But how do you really know if you need a new one? Is it just the leaky roof? Is it not something you cannot easily fix by yourself? You need to consider some factors that determines your need for a professional roofer to help you install a new roof.



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When Is It Timely to Have a New Roof?

There are questions you need to ask yourself in order to find out if its time your home gets a new roof.

How old is your existing roof?
The average asphalt shingle roofing system is about between 15-25 years. You also need to consider if you have another layering of shingles under your existing one that is beyond the average. If it goes beyond that, you definitely need to have a new roof.

How are your shingles in roof alleys?

Constant flow of rain and snow in your roof alley can cause your shingles to fall or miss some parts over the years. Damaged gutters and valleys leaves your roof vulnerable to leaking roof. So yes, it’s time to get a new roof.

Do you notice buckling and curling in your shingles?
You will know when your shingles reaches its maximum life expectancy when you see it buckling and curling or sometimes it’s an indication of a defective roof.

Are there missing shingles in your roof?
Once you see your roof looking like a piano tiles after a storm or it has aged, you need to get a new roof. Missing shingles not only makes your roof unattractive but it also leaves your roof exposed for more damages.

Do you see shingle granules piled up in your gutters?
Worn out shingles through the changing weathers causes’ roof to shed granules leaving the appearance inconsistent in coloring. This will be more visible as the shingles need to be removed and you get a new roof.

Old Shingles Out, Comes New Flat Roof Installation


There are new materials coming out in the roofing market nowadays designed for Flat Roof Installation. Some are costlier than shingles but they wear way better compared to shingles and other materials commonly used in installing new roofs. This roofing system has the a ten (10) years to twenty (20) years life span but if installation and maintenance is done by a professional, it could last to 25 years.


If you are considering flat roof installation to replace your existing roofing system, you have some options to choose from depending on your needs and, of course, budget.

1. BUR or Built-Up Roof
2. Modified Bitumen
3. Rubber Membrane
4. Metal

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