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No one will dispute the fact that roof is one of the most essential components in every home or building construction. So when you have a damaged or leaky roof, your choice is to either install a new roof, repair, or replace with a different type of roofing materials depending on the extent of the damage or problem. It’s not at all cheap to have a major roof project but nothing will get you broke than by hiring the wrong roofing contractor company to provide your needs. We, at Wellington Roofing, on the other hand believe that every roofing service we accept is unique. This is why we are as dedicated in delivering excellent service in every job we take in.


We focus in providing quality leak-free roofing services which include:


  • New Roof Installation
  • Roof Repairs
  • Shingles Roof Replacement
  • Flat Roof Replacement

Every Cent Counts


Four years ago, the average cost for roof replacement is about $11,000. While we offer various services to all commercial and residential roofing needs, our rate is very competitive because we know every cent counts. No matter what type of service you employ us for, our years of excellent supplication of quality services in the whole region and its surrounding cities will speak for itself. You need to get the best value for your money when you spend on improving your home. Your search for the most reliable roofing service company does not end until you find the one that does it right all the time.



We think of long-term results


Through the years, our team is comprised of people who share the same values of quality service and getting it done how it supposed to be done. It’s not enough you get a new, repaired, or replaced roof. We give you a roof that is safe, durable, and can last through the changing seasons. All of our roofing options is suitable for both homebuilders and homeowners because we take pride in our dedication to top rated workmanship.

Extended Help


You need to be able to talk to professional representatives and roof installers to ensure you get the right materials and you know how the whole process works. Our staff is properly trained and will be able to answer your questions and explain those you forgot to ask. In order to get the right recommendation, our roofing expert will personally inspect your home or building to see the extent of work to be done and suggest additional solution to your roofing for better maintenance. Installations and repairs are done by professional with extensive knowledge on almost every brand.



Your roof is our strength


We go out our way to take care of your roof. Satisfied customers are our pride and every roof we successfully repaired or installed is our strength. You want a residential or commercial roofing contractor that delivers the right result, uses the best quality materials, provides warranty on service and(or) materials, at a very competitive price. In order to ensure roof longevity, you may also consider maintenance packages. No one knows your roof better than those who installed them for you.

Time is of essence


How long does it take to get your new roof done, repaired, or replaced?  This would depend on the materials used as well as how much work needs to be done to complete the project. We work at a steady pace but never lagging to ensure we get it done right in the shortest time possible. Now when it comes to emergency roofing services for any commercial or residential roofing needs, we guarantee the same accuracy and consistency in terms or quality in materials and services. In case we are caught between unexpected rain spells, rest assured that we will get the job done right as soon as the weather permits.



The seasons may change but our aim to provide excellent service that works with your budget will not. This sets us apart from the rest of roofing contractor companies in Wellington Roofing. While they promise to give you a new roof, we give new life to your roof!


Don’t wait for the rainy season to come. Call the roofing services experts now and have a leak-free roof all year round.

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